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Blog: “A Maxximized Life”.


“You’ve always had the power, my dear…”

We unknowingly relinquish our power at a very early age. We go through life rejoicing at, or lamenting, the hand we feel that we’ve been dealt. The truth is, we have a choice. We may not  be able to control what comes our way, but we can ALWAYS choose how we react, and THAT’S where the magic begins!

A few years ago I became extremely ill , and I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After learning everything I could about autoimmune conditions and the effect stress has on the body both psychologicalIy and physically, I knew that I had to make some drastic life changes.

I started studying psychology, spirituality, neuropsychology, quantum physics, and science. I was excited to find they all overlap, and that our untapped potential is enormous!

In my blog I focus on what I consider to be the 3 pillars to a well rounded life, happiness, health and home. I talk about lessons that  I’ve learned (many of them the hard way) .I give tips on overcoming anxiety, changing self-defeating patterns, taking back control of your mental and physical health and basically creating the life you were MEANT to live!