Melissa Maxx 

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 110

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red


Tiny House Builder Interior Decorator HGTV/DIY
Bret Michaels Life As I Know it
Reporter VH1
Half Pint Brawlers
Interviewer SPIKE TV
Virtual News Network Anchor/reporter Jodada
Widgets 101 Tech Host Jodada
Alt On Location Red Carpet Go TV Networks
Rock Recap Co-host Go TV Networks
AltDaily News Entertainment reporter Go TV Networks
Live at the Lounge Host/interviewer Go TV Networks
Sports Edge Host Go TV Networks
I Sold My House Host UPN38
Ruckus Sound & Style Host WB56
Rage TV Entertainment reporter WB56
Woodstock 99 Interviewer Pay Per View


H20 Mop Young Mom Thane International
Air Hollywood Hostess Air Hollywood


Ithaca College Bachelor of Science Broadcasting
Hosting Marki Costello Los Angeles
Advanced Hosting Maureen Browne Los Angeles
Commercial Technique Patty Grana Miller Los Angeles
Voice-over Alyson Steel Los Angeles
Improv Peter Kelley Boston/Los Angeles
Cold Reading Peter Kelley Boston/Los Angeles
Scene Study Peter Kelley Boston/Los Angeles
Monologue Choices Peter Kelley Boston/Los Angeles
Acting The Harrison Project Boston
Commercial Technique Nancy Doyle Boston


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